Detroit Green Economy Leadership Training Gives The City A Sustainable Makeover (VIDEO)

WATCH: Group Gives One Of Detroit's Worst Neighborhoods A Green Makeover

In this video, CNN shows how the Green Economy Leadership Training (GELT) team wants to turn Detroit into an efficient and sustainable model by making simple green upgrades that other communities can follow.

CNN shows this team weatherizing their first home in Highland Park after six weeks of training, helping Karletha Price -- who is raising six children -- to have a more efficient home that could save hundreds in heating bills each year, something desperately welcomed after spending the last few winters without heat.

Price's home is just the first in a larger plan, as the GELT team intends to implement similar upgrades in more than 200 area homes by the end of summer.

GELT's goals to revitalize this neighborhood -- which CNN says is one of the worst in Detroit -- don't stop there, as they are interested in turning empty land into community agriculture and jump-starting a farmer's market.

The team transformed a once-abandoned neighborhood house into a makeshift classroom where they learn techniques from energy experts to weatherize the homes, and are using the backyard to show local residents how they can grow their own food, compost, and use solar ovens. Even the neighborhood kids are joining in the activities.

GELT hopes others will see their easily-applied efforts as an encouraging road map that any community can follow toward a greener future.


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