Detroit Lions Players Donate 94,000 Bottles Of Water To Flint, Michigan

Awesome display of generosity by these Lions players.

The situation is bleak in Flint, Michigan. Politicians have completely failed the city's people, creating a manmade water crisis. Lead-contaminated water is literally flowing through people's faucets, and the city's nearly 100,000 residents desperately need any assistance they can get, especially considering 40 percent of them are living in poverty.

On Friday, members of the Detroit Lions decided to take matters into their own hands by donating 94,000 bottles of water to Flint.

Lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah was said to be the one who motivated his teammates to take action. Ansah, who grew up in Ghana, told that this cause is a deeply personal one for him.

“I come from Africa, and I know exactly what it means not to have clean water or not to have water at all,” he said.

When their community needed their help, these Lions players answered the call.

Here are five other ways to help Flint residents as they fight through this water crisis.

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