Detroit Mom Asks Who Will Fix Her Daughter's Broken, Rat-Infested School

"My daughter cannot wait eight more years for success to take place."

During Sunday night's Democratic presidential debate, Shaniqua Kent, who is suing Detroit Public Schools for a better education, asked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) how they would hold education officials accountable for the kinds of deplorable conditions her daughter faces at school: rats, mold, water fountains that don't work and non-certified teachers.

"My daughter cannot wait eight more years for success to take place," Kent said.


Sanders thanked Kent for "not being resigned to that horrendous situation." He made the oft-cited comment that the best way to judge a nation is by the way it treats its most vulnerable, and said America "should be ashamed" of itself on that front.

Clinton said she would set up an "education SWAT team" as president, made up of teachers, principals, retirees and others from the community who are willing to come out and help public schools live up to the best standards.




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