Detroit School Reform: A Visual Primer Of Who's Who In Detroit's Educational Landscape (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Who's Who In The Fight To Transform Detroit Public Schools

Detroit's educational system is a puzzle that rivals even the toughest of math class story problems. With a multitude of actors that includes unions, charter operators, school board members, foundations and emergency managers, it's enough to give anyone a headache.

To help make matters clearer, The Huffington Post has compiled a "cheat sheet" of who's who in Detroit's educational landscape to help our readers get a better idea of what's going on.

Shh... Don't tell the teacher!


There's no need to hit the books. Our slideshow does the homework on DPS History (Quick! When was the last state takeover of Detroit schools?), the Civics of school governance and EMs and even Math -- did you know Detroit and the state added a new school district this year? Study up on the individuals and institutions who wield the power to shape a generation of kids coming of age in this city. And yes, class, there will be a quiz.

Roy Roberts, DPS Emergency Manager (2011-Present)

Who's Who In Detroit's Schools

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