A Massive Sinkhole Opened In Detroit

Drivers, beware.

A massive sinkhole opened in Detroit Friday afternoon. The 16-feet-deep and 30-feet-wide hole appeared on Linwood Avenue on the city's west side, according to the Detroit Free Press.

A Cadillac was nearly swallowed by the hole as it drove past, but managed to swerve away, according to the Detroit News.

Elmhurst Recovery Maintenance Supervisor Kevin McDean told WWJ the hole could fit several vehicles.

“The regular transportation buses, you could probably fit about five of them with enough room for extra cars,” McDean told the news station. “When you look down there, it looks like a city down there with all the piping and everything that actually broke and gave way when the hole went in.”

City workers were working on repairs when they noticed a dip in the pavement, according to the Detroit News. Water and Sewerage Department Deputy Director Darryl Latimer told the paper the asphalt concrete "just collapsed," exposing a gas line.

According to WDIV-TV, the sinkhole may have been caused by a sewer riser collapsing and eroding the soil.

Repairs are expected to take a week or more, but that may stretch longer. In January, another large sinkhole opened in the middle of downtown, and according to MLive, it is still being repaired.

Detroit has seen its fair share of road problems lately. Earlier last week, a school bus got stuck in another sinkhole on the city's west side and needed to be pulled from the hole, according to WXYZ-TV.



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