There's More to DEV Than "Getting Slizzard"

Dev -- Dancing Shoes

There's no question Dev still thinks her hook for the Far East Movement's mega-hit "Like a G6" is "hella cool," but she wants you to know she's more than just a catchy chorus. The emerging pop star, who scored scored a solo hit with "In the Dark," will prove that with her full-length album The Night the Sun Came Up on March 27.

"People expect me to do a lot of 'G6s,' and don't get me wrong I love that album and being sassy on stage, but that was my introduction to the world," the singer born Devin Tailes said in a March 6 interview. "There's definitely more dance-y tracks and some more ballads yet it's all cohesive at same time. I feel really good about it."

Dev may be releasing her first album but she's been around for awhile. Since being discovered by producers The Cataracs, she's released several tracks including the hot dance track "Bass Down Low" which probably saw many people dry humping, well, other people at various clubs around the world. In any event, I caught with the singer, who recently became a mother (she and finance Jimmy Gorecki welcomed a daughter in December), and asked her about her album, her career, and whether motherhood will prevent her from getting a little slizzard.

How'd motherhood treating you? Are you getting any sleep?
It's great. It's been a lot of fun. Luckily, my fiance and I are taking turns every three hours or so.

Can you still be this big party girl even though you're a mom?
I think so. It's funny ... I'm Mexican and Portuguese so by defult I think I'm really good at drinking beer and celebrating.

In the crappiest of segues, let's talk about your other baby -- your new album. I know it's already been released in other countries, and was delayed in the States, right?
Oh yes, my other baby... which actually took longer to birth. I'm really excited for it to come out. It was supposed to come out last fall, but I happened to be seven months pregnant. Even if it came out then, I wouldn't be able to tour in support of it for another couple months. So I figured let me put the finishing touches on it and add some features, and let me have my baby. Now, I get to give it a proper tour. It deserves a proper tour and visuals. It's time for my other baby to come out. I spent the whole last year on it. So much goes into an album -- more than I probably ever guessed it could in my whole life.

I know my fans were a little upset it was pushed back, and that was kind of unfortunate.

"In the Dark" was released in the fall and was a smash. It may actually have worked to your advantage in that you gave your fans and others a chance to crave for more....
Yeah, I think that worked out. "In the Dark" was so successful when I was laid up nesting.

Now that it's out -- I trust you feel good about the album?
I do. I feel really good about it. It's true to The Cataracts and our sound. It's electronic-based but shows all I can do. The Cataracts and I are influenced by other genres, and it's not like we're trying to fake making dance music or singing or rapping. It's what we do. That was important to me to capture on the album, and I think I did it pretty damn well.

On another note, when "Like a G6" came out, did anyone mistake the lyrics for something else?
I did hear people say "Like a cheese stick."

My sister thought it was "Liquid Jesus..."
Oh my God. That's amazing. That's way better. In the three years since the song was released, I'd never heard that. Props to your sister. She should be a writer.

You could've coasted by just doing different versions of "G6" but you didn't. I'm sure people will appreciate that.
Yes. They'll be plenty of time for 'poppin' bottles.' I just really want everybody to listen to this album. Everybody gets sick of me by the end of the year ... that's my goal.

There's definitely more that I can do then offer a hook to people. People will find that out sooner or later. I have my own headlining tour this summer and I hope to latch on later on opening up for someone.

Gaga would be cool...
I know! That's something I have to try to do.

Bringing this full circle, are you taking the baby on the tour?
I am actually. My fiance and my baby will be coming with me. She's a great baby and my fiance's hella cool. I'll have a breast milk freezer next to a Bud Light freezer. Everyone on tour will be on the same page.

Is it cool if your daughter gives my newborn son her phone number down the road?
That'd be so cute. Sure, we'll plan on that. I'll hook you up in what, 15 years?

Dev -- Kiss My Lips ft. Fabolous