Obama Attorney General: Deval Patrick?

Obama Attorney General: Deval Patrick?

UPDATE 11/18:

President-elect Barack Obama has named Eric Holder as his choice for attorney general. Read more about Holder's selection here or for the latest on Obama's cabinet, check out Huffpost's Obama Cabinet Big News Page.


Obama's good friend Deval Patrick, currently the governor of Massachusetts, has been mentioned as a possible Attorney General in an Obama administration. The American Bar Association recently profiled Patrick's chances of being the next Attorney General:

Obama and Patrick aren't just friends. They swim like a two-fish school. Both had fathers who deserted them as youngsters. Both are spellbinding orators and Harvard Law grads. And when Obama appropriated some of Patrick's lines and manners into his speeches, the shared words and constructions were quickly acknowledged as the collaboration of friends.

Patrick clerked for a judge in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, worked as an attorney for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and served in the Clinton administration as assistant attorney general in the civil rights division. Patrick has an extensive history of rights-related litigation, but he's also served as general counsel for two major corporations--Texaco and Coca-Cola. Although he is only halfway through his term as governor, many believe he would be one of Obama's top choices for AG, and Patrick would be hard-pressed to decline if asked.

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