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Developing a Loving Relationship With Money

Learning to manage your emotions so your fear of poverty transforms into faith in prosperity is absolutely key if you're to make real the ideal that you have plenty of money. Here are six ways to do that.
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If you truly want to enjoy the prosperity that money can offer, it's important that you develop a loving relationship with money. I'm talking about committing to a life of financial intimacy where you give money the respect it deserves. In order to do that, you have to come to an understanding around money that enables you to relax and enjoy it.

Learning to manage your emotions so your fear of poverty transforms into faith in prosperity is absolutely key if you're to make real the ideal that you have plenty of money. Here are six ways to do that.

  1. The first thing you have to do in order to take the hurt out of your money issues is to admit that you're hurting. Be glad that you're imperfect and that you make mistakes when it comes to attracting and managing money. That means you have some healthy changes to make, and there are accomplishments ahead of you that you can eagerly anticipate. The willingness to make changes is what keeps you awake with something new to look forward to. Imagine the day when you are finally able to say, "Money and I are now very compatible, and I am intrigued with my new relationship with money."

  • See money as a natural part of your life - like breathing air. Don't be in awe of money or you'll scare it away. You are mind and emotion; accept that fact not only when dealing with people but also when dealing with money. You have the power to attract or repel money according to your attitude and mood. Set your mind right about money and you will set your emotions right to attract money. As long as you are optimistically hopeful you have a creative mind that will guide you toward financial success.
  • Learn to love money for all the good you can do with it. Clear your mind of thoughts of evil when thinking about money. There is no reason to fear or hate it. If money is the root of all evil, then in this world of polarity where opposites exist, money must also be the root of all good - you can build hospitals and schools and feed the hungry with it. How can you use money to create good in your life? How can you use it to cause good in the lives of others? What change in beliefs must you make about money so you see it as positive rather than negative? Pull up the anchor that makes you feel heavy around money. Then the fun begins.
  • Train yourself always to think in terms of what you plan to do when the money comes to you. Money should be put in circulation, not hoarded. When you circulate it productively, you pave a path for more of it to circulate back to you. Pay attention to fruitful ways you can invest money and healthy ways you can enjoy money and beneficial ways you can donate money. It is spoken in ancient text that God gave man dominion. Well that includes dominion over money. Assume the role of circulating money responsibly.
  • Never value yourself less than the amount of money you want to make. If you want to make a million dollars, then see yourself as a million-dollar woman or a million-dollar man. If you see yourself as small and unworthy, then all the effort in the world will not bring you the amount of money that you desire. The Law of Compatibility won't allow it. The great danger in life is settling. You are a rich and majestic child of Infinite Intelligence. Act that way; never settle for being less and you'll have to take a wheel barrel with you into your day because a lot of money is going to come your way.
  • When you think in terms of making more money - don't be too specific. Specificity limits the amount that can flow to you. Think in terms of plenitude and consider an amount that would delight you, but goal through, not to that amount. That means remain open to even more coming than you imagined. The more you receive the better - simply because the more you receive the more you'll have to help better the world.
  • So, there you have it. If you practice these six tips and persist, you create psychological space to convert your unconscious rejection of money into a conscious acceptance of money. Whenever you are progressing in any area of life, you are moving forward toward greater self-expression. What shall it be for you - rich man, poor man, beggar man or thief? You are born with the infinite wisdom to know which to choose. Furthermore, no one can prevent you from expanding your self-concept to include that choice. Why do you think "rich man" is the first choice offered?

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