Developmental Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Children

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Arts and crafts can be found an entertaining. Studies have also shown that participating in a craft and making artwork is educational. Completing arts and craft projects are also great for childhood development. The child will learn a number of skills and expressions while they are making a fun project.

Bilateral Coordination

There are some activities that will require the child to use both of their hands at the same time. These activities include coloring, drawing, and even cutting a piece of paper with scissors. When cutting a child will have to hold the paper with one hand and cut with the other. This skill will be important as the child gets bigger. Bilateral coordination is needed to type shoes, type on a computer which is becoming more and more important, and a number of other activities.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are something a child often has trouble with. This includes holding a pencil and writing. Until the muscles in the fingers become stronger a child will struggle. Art can help build up these muscles and will allow a child to practice this skill. They can draw shapes, writer, and cut paper into patterns and shapes. As the child develops they will need fine motor skills to eat, dress, and use them many different areas of their life.

Self Regulation

There are some crafts that require a lot of time to complete. This includes crafts where something has to dry before more artwork can be created. Working with clay is something that needs to dry before the child can continue. When painting the child has to wait for one coat of paint to dry before applying another coat. Projects that uses glue may need to be allowed to dry. Working on these projects teaches a child self control and patients. This will teach the child that they need to wait for thing to happen.


In art there is no right or wrong way to make a masterpiece. A child will be able to express their creativity without being told they are wrong. As a child grows they will constantly be told that they are not doing something write. Art allows them to express their creative side and they will know that it is good to be an individual.

Self Esteem

While it is important to challenge the mind of a child as they grow there are some things that should be done at their current skill level. Art is one of those things. The child will be happy and proud when they succeed. This will help them have pride in their work and their self esteem. This is important in all areas of their life.

These are some of the developmental skills that completing art projects can assist children with. Art is more than just making pretty pictures to hang on the refrigerator. Art teaches a child a number of skills that they will be able to use in all areas of their life and will be important as they age.

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