Deviled Potatoes By Post Punk Kitchen Are A Great Vegan Easter Recipe (PHOTO)

These are not exactly deviled the way we expected.

When we first came across these deviled potatoes, we thought, "What a genius idea! Potatoes filled with deviled egg yolks!" When we subsequently discovered that the Devilish Potatoes we were drooling over on Post Punk Kitchen were a vegan riff on deviled eggs we thought, "What a genius idea! It's probably really hard to be vegan on Easter!"

Whether you are an egg-eater or not, we think both possible versions of this canapé sound perfect for Easter. The vegan version uses cashew cream (we don't know how, but it can be just as luxurious tasting as a dairy product sometimes) mixed with some of the scooped-out potato for the filling. We think that piping deviled egg yolks into tiny baked potatoes sounds pretty delicious as well. And look how pretty they are.

deviled potatoes

Think of how delighted your vegan dinner/brunch guests would be with a treat like this. We have to confess, even to non-vegans, these sound pretty delicious. Which version will you try?

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