Devin Alexander, Author Of "The Biggest Loser Cookbook," Shares Her Guide To The Salad Bar (VIDEO)

Stick To Your Healthy Diet With These Salad Bar Tips

Devin Alexander, celebrity chef and author of "The Biggest Loser Cookbook," applauds our efforts to stay healthy by hitting up the salad bar instead of the BBQ pit.

But just because we're at the salad bar, doesn't mean that we can throw our calorie counting caution to the wind and have a salad free-for-all. Remember, all that glitters is not green!

Here are Devin's tips for making it through the salad bar with all of our dieting goals intact:

  • Exclusions: Just stay away from mayonnaise or things marinated in too much oil.

  • Lighten Up: Take it easy on the cheese, salad bars rarely have light or reduced fat versions. For eggs, just grab the egg-white and ditch the yolk. And for tofu, less is more, it can have a lot of carbs.
  • Toppings: Say "No" to creamy dressings, fried bits of meat, or fried anything. Even cranberries can have a lot of sugar, so don't overdo it.
  • Maybes: Pickled things like peperoncini and roasted red peppers are great but can be high in sodium, so pick them sparingly along with olives (which can be high in fat).
  • Greens: Go for dark lettuces and eat any raw vegetables you'd like, keep it colorful.
  • Protein: Grilled chicken, cottage cheese, garbanzo beans, and even nuts are fine as long as you don't go overboard.
  • Dressing: Lemon and olive oil are all you need.
  • If you stick to Devin's guide, you'll be sure to survive the salad bar!

    Watch the video above for Devin's salad bar guide and recipe for her delicious and creative watermelon feta salad.

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