Watch GOP Memo Author Devin Nunes Flee From A Simple Question

The California congressman bolts when asked about his anti-FBI memo .

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) doesn’t seem to want to answer a key question about his much-hyped memo.

“Did the White House have any role in the memo, Sir?” asked CNN’s Manu Raju on Tuesday:

Nunes quickly walked away from Raju and other reporters.

“Democracy dies in darkness, my friend,” was all he would say.

That phrase ― minus the “my friend” ― is the slogan of The Washington Post.

Later, on Twitter, Nunes replied to Raju’s tweet showing the clip, saying:

Nunes also refused to speak to reporters last week when he passed them in a hallway.

You’ll have to talk to the Democrats,” he said. “They talk to you. I don’t.”

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