Devin Nunes’ Hometown Newspaper Trolls Him With Some Advice For His Replacement

The Fresno Bee listed some key job qualifications the Trump-backing former California lawmaker failed to meet.

The Fresno Bee took a parting shot at former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) following his retirement from Congress to head former President Donald Trump’s tech startup.

In an editorial published Monday, Nunes’ hometown newspaper slammed him with a list of what it considers key qualifications for his replacement.

They included “a commitment to meet regularly with average citizens,” something it said Nunes had failed to do for years; the “courage to face the press,” unlike Nunes, who only spoke with friendly outlets; and a commitment to telling the truth.

That Nunes would quit to work for conspiracy theorist Trump was no surprise, said the paper’s editorial board.

It’s “a career change that The Bee Editorial Board had recommended for the past several years, given how Nunes had morphed into being a leading foot soldier for Trump, defending the president at every turn in countless Fox News appearances,” it added.

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