Twitter Rips Devin Nunes After He Whines About 'Socialist' Plastic 'Straw Police'

Twitter users wonder why Nunes doesn't consider government subsidies to his family farm socialism.

Anything that helps the environment seems to be “socialism” to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.). While at a restaurant Saturday, he slammed the plastic “straw police” after a waitress asked him if he wanted a straw. “Welcome to socialism in California,” he snorted on Twitter.

A California law limits plastic straws only to customers who request them. Several communities, including Seattle and Washington D.C., have banned the ocean-polluting straws. They not only harm animals when they’re ingested but may also threaten human health.

Twitter went bonkers over Nunes’ head-scratching defense of putting more plastic in the environment — and calling a question by a waitress concerned about environmental protection “socialism.”

Several Twitter users pointed out that Nunes’ family farm has collected government subsidies, which might be more akin to socialism than reducing plastic pollution. They also pointed out that free straws, subsidized by diners who don’t use them, smacks of tongue-in-cheek socialism.

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