'Devious Maids': Carmen's Secret Past Comes Back To Hurt Her - Literally! (VIDEO)

Since the premiere of "Devious Maids," Carmen has been nothing but ambitious. She has been willing to do absolutely anything to make it as a singer, but little was known of who she was before she became this driven person. But a layer was peeled back this week when it was revealed that Carmen was married.

When her husband, Oscar, forbade her from pursuing her music career, Carmen ran away to Beverly Hills. This week, Oscar managed to track her down and he intended to bring her back to Miami, but Carmen didn't want to go. Oscar tried to convince her that he would be a better husband, a different husband. Those quickly turned out to be empty promises.

When she refused to go, Oscar became violent, throwing Carmen around in his attempts to force her outside with him. Sam ran to her aid, but Oscar tossed him aside. Showing the depths of his terrible character, he even tossed Odessa aside when she tried to aid Carmen. But Odessa wasn't so easily disposed.

Oscar started strangling Carmen. It may have been lights out for her, but instead, it was lights out for Oscar when Odessa clubbed him with her artificial leg. The two women had been at each other's throats for weeks, but in that moment, they learned they perhaps had more in common than they realized, which was something Zap2It's Jacqueline Cutler liked seeing. Perhaps that is even a part of why they clashed so much.

Sure, the fight scene was ridiculous and over-the-top, but TV Fanatic's Christina Tran absolutely loved it. This is a televnovela, after all, she pointed out -- it's not about realism.

The crazy dramatics continue on "Devious Maids," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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