'Devious Maids': Flora Cheated on Eddie With Someone Close To Marisol, And Valentina (VIDEO)

Marisol made a major connection in her investigation of Flora's murder on the latest episode of "Devious Maids." She also learned that her son, Eddie, was a drug dealer. But knowing his darker side may prove beneficial in the long run.

At a party, she was talking with one of the caterers, who also happened to be a friend of Eddie's. He revealed that Flora had been cheating on Eddie with someone surprisingly close to home.

“He’s over there. You can ask him yourself," The caterer said when Marisol asked who it was.

“Over where? He’s at this party?” Marisol asked. The caterer pointed out Remi Delatour, who'd recently started dating Valentina.

Zap2It's Jacqueline Culter thinks this is a major clue toward figuring out who Flora's killer might be, but TV Fanatic's Christina Tran isn't ready to point a finger at Remi just yet. "Could it be possible that Remi was the father of Flora’s baby and also the one who killed her? I find this so hard to believe but it seems as though anything is possible in Beverly Hills," she wrote.

The plot thickens on "Devious Maids," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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