'Devious Maids': Hired Hitman Takes Shot, But Who Got Hit? (VIDEO)

We knew that some of these characters on "Devious Maids" were capable of pretty ruthless activities -- considering the mysterious murder that kicked off the show -- but we'd never seen that behavior in action. Until this week's episode, that is.

Taylor reported to Michael the strange antics of their new maid, Marisol. Marisol, of course, is undercover and trying to find out who really killed Flora so she can clear her name. And she had no idea that Taylor was on to her. Even worse, the wrong people have started figuring out who Marisol really is.

Philippe is one of those people, and he proved that he's even more ruthless than we imagined when he coldly put out a hit on her. While he wouldn't directly tell Michael this, Michael suspected. So he rushed home and tried to get Marisol to leave. However, Taylor wanted her to stay, as their friendship is genuine.

So of course, when Taylor went out to retrieve Marisol's bags, it was Taylor who got shot by Philippe's hitman. The closing scene was of Michael holding Taylor, bleeding out on the front walk. Christina Tran of TV Fanatic hopes that Taylor recovers. "After all, I have truly enjoyed the bond that Marisol and Taylor share," she wrote. Over at Zap2It, though, Jacqueline Cutler imagined a much darker scenario. "With one episode to go, we're guessing that Taylor will die and Michael will be so furious he will prove Philippe murdered Flora.”

Will Flora's murder be solved in next week's season finale of "Devious Maids"? Will Taylor be alive to see it? Come back on Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime to find out.

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