'Devious Maids': Marisol Raises Suspicions, Risking Her Cover (VIDEO)

Marisol has been mostly careful thus far on "Devious Maids." But this week, in her eagerness to find the connection between Remi -- who'd impregnated Flora before her death -- and her employer, Michael, she got a little too sloppy and got caught. While she wasn't exposed as the professor she is -- and the mother of the boy accused of killing Flora -- nevertheless she was exposed.

Michael's wife, Taylor, caught Marisol listening in on a key phone conversation between Michael and Remi. Marisol was hoping this would lead her to some answers, but it instead looks to be leading her into potential trouble. After the incident, Taylor spoke to Michael about what she saw.

While Taylor doesn't know the nature of the phone call, Michael does. As such, he has even more reason to wonder about Marisol's motives. “You were right to tell me," Michael told his wife. "I want you to keep an eye on her, see what she’s up to. And don’t let her know that things have changed.”

“Well has something changed?” Taylor asked.

“Oh yeah. Absolutely."

Jacqueline Cutler of Zap2It noted that Marisol has become increasingly clumsy in covering up her investigation into Flora's death. "Recently, the series has spotlighted how the employers will often talk to their friends and lovers as if the maids are invisible or mute," she wrote. "This episode highlights the sometimes uneasy, inherently unequal relationships between maids and employers.”

Still, TV Fanatic's Christina Tran thinks Marisol's investigation might not be in as much trouble as it seems. She thinks there's a good chance Taylor might ultimately side with Marisol against her own husband. He is, of course, somehow involved in the mystery of Flora's death.

The twists and turns keep coming on "Devious Maids" every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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