'Devious Maids': Marisol's Secret Uncovered By Another Maid (VIDEO)

It was probably inevitable, and this week, it finally happened on "Devious Maids": Someone found out that Marisol wasn't who she was pretending to be. While out shopping with Rosie, one of Marisol's former students approached her one-time professor. Marisol tried to deny it, but Rosie grew suspicious and did some digging.

She confirmed that Marisol was an English professor, and so Marisol told her the truth. When Rosie threatened to tell the group, though, Marisol turned it around on her. "Then I guess I’m gonna have to tell Peri Westmore that you’re sleeping with her husband," Marisol told her.

“I hate you!" Rosie retorted.

Marisol responded simply, “I can live with that.”

TV Fanatic's Christina Tran felt the argument finally delivered the telenovela drama she'd been waiting for: "Growing up, I watched my fair share of soaps ... I’ve really missed the craziness and drama that soaps bring. Thank goodness for the maids and their seemingly chaotic lives.”

On Zap2It, Jacqueline Cutler marveled that Marisol really will do anything to protect her son. But that very fact is what ultimately brought the women closer together. After receiving a drawing from her son, Rosie realized that she, too, would do anything for her child. And so, she agreed to help Marisol in her quest. And keep her secret.

The melodrama continues every Sunday on "Devious Maids" at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.



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