Devious Maids Recap: Dangerous Liaisons (S2, E3)

This week's episode of Devious Maids was all about alliances and liaisons, and as we saw throughout the show, aligning yourself with the right people can be a tricky, yet extremely beneficial necessity.

After the failed robbery attempt during Alejandro and Carmen's engagement party (which sadly, led to Alejandro being shot and killed), Adrian Powell proposes a neighborhood watch to a group of friends. As one could imagine, the idea is met with resistance from the residents of Cannon Drive. It is Beverly Hills after all. They would probably turn evening patrols into a black tie affair.

The meeting irritates Evelyn, who has decided enough is enough. She issues an ultimatum to Adrian to get help, and also commands that he move out of their bedroom. This leaves an empty space in her bed for a certain hunky security guard, but more about that later. Despite Evelyn's attempt to bring Adrian back from the brink of complete paranoia, he asks Tony to get him a gun.

Meanwhile, Alejandro's aunt, Renata, has arrived in Beverly Hills to settle his estate and plan the funeral. She is grief-stricken by his death, but fortunately there's an ample supply of tequila in the house to help ease her pain. Carmen and Odessa learn that Renata will soon be selling Alejandro's mansion, leaving them unemployed, homeless, and more importantly for Carmen, without the recording career she was promised.

With the prospect of her dreams of stardom coming to a screeching halt, Carmen decides to do what she does best -- let her ambition take over. She assists Renata with the funeral arrangements by offering to put together a musical tribute. Of course, this is only after learning that the funeral will be an A-List affair with music's crème de la crème attending. Doesn't it seem fitting that the deceased's "beard" honor him by performing a song that will not only be a touching sendoff, but can also double as an audition for some of the biggest power players in the music industry?

Marisol is back to doing her investigative detective work now that she has discovered the letter from Dahlia's mother. In her quest to get some answers about Opal, she goes to Ethan, who digs up an old photo album that contains a picture of Dahlia with Evelyn Powell. In another one of those six degrees of separation moments, Marisol learns that the two of them were very close friends.

Marisol later manages to score an invite to a luncheon at Genevieve's home (courtesy of Zoila) that Evelyn is also in attendance at, and once Evelyn adjusts to the shock that Marisol has gone from undercover maid to fiancée of a Beverly Hills millionaire, she provides her with some juicy gossip about Opal. There have been rumors circulating for years that Opal has been tending to Nicholas's primal needs and is much more than just the maid. Evelyn does a good job at planting the seed of suspicion in Marisol's head, causing her to fish for more information from Ethan. She finds out that Opal has been secretive about the identity of his father and naturally begins to wonder if Ethan is Nicholas's son.

Ethan doesn't seem to mind Marisol's curiosity when it comes to his mother, but that's probably because he is preoccupied with his crush on Valentina. He asks her out on a date; however, Valentina turns him down. She is still carrying a torch for Remi, but the flame extinguishes when she tries to video chat with him and a female co-worker answers his laptop. (Side note: Considering Remi is roughing it in a tent out in Africa, he has an amazing Internet connection.) This convinces her it's time to move on, and she does just that by asking Ethan out the next time she sees him.

Unbeknownst to Valentina, though, Remi has developed a mysterious ailment and is extremely ill.

Rosie is sure that her new boss, Kenneth, can make a recovery from his stroke, but his doctor doesn't agree with her. Even though she tries to challenge his assessment, Didi doesn't want to entertain what Rosie has to say. The only miracle she wants to see Rosie perform is impeccable housekeeping.

Rosie takes Kenneth to a clinic for a second opinion behind Didi's back, and a new doctor confirms Rosie's belief that he can get better with the help of physical therapy. On the way home, Rosie catches Didi kissing Kenneth's doctor out in public. She uses this to her advantage and blackmails Ambrosia, I mean, Didi into allowing Kenneth to continue treatment with the new doctor. Rosie has a heart of gold, but she knows how to play dirty when necessary.

Zoila is trying to cope with the break-up of her marriage. She accomplishes this by vacuuming at odd hours preventing Genevieve and her newly-botoxed face from getting the proper amount of rest. Genevieve might be Zoila's employer, but she is also her friend. After a comical misunderstanding at the previously mentioned luncheon involving neighborhood socialite, Tanya, Genevieve invites Zoila to move-in with her. She assures Zoila that she'll never leave her, and she can count on her.

Evelyn has a conversation with bare-chested Tony about Adrian owning a gun. This guy doesn't seem to own a lot of shirts. Perhaps the Powells need to up his pay a bit. Anyway, this leads Evelyn to visit Tony's room late one night after having a dream about him. Unfortunately, she finds him in bed with Tanya. To make matters worse, Adrian mistakes her for an intruder and shoots her. This shooting wasn't fatal, though -- just a flesh wound on her shoulder. Evelyn confronts Tony about Tanya. He confesses he was only with her because he can't have the woman he really wants. Evelyn reads between the lines and tells him he should make his move, then proceeds to kiss him passionately. Not bad for a gal who just got shot!

As for Carmen, after some diva antics in rehearsal, she is unable to go through with her funeral performance. Once she looks at Alejandro in the casket, the sadness takes over. Instead of singing, she cries, tells everyone how much she misses him, and gives him the tribute he deserves.

Carmen is not the only one who is shaken up over Alejandro's death. There is also some sadness and remorse from one of the thieves involved in the botched robbery/murder. After visiting the makeshift fan shrine in front of Alejandro's house, the mystery guy commits suicide in front of the same shrine by the end of the episode. Attached to his chest is a note that reads, "I'm sorry."

Devious Maids airs Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. on Lifetime.