Devious Maids Recap: The Bad Seed (S2, E5)

The truth that goes along with lifting the veil off of secrecy can sometimes be difficult to handle, and that's exactly where several characters on the last episode of Devious Maids found themselves.

Ethan is moving full steam ahead with his romancing of Valentina, even going so far as to call her his girlfriend. He is clearly on that same Evelyn Wood speed dating plan that Marisol is on. Valentina is faced with a tough decision once she learns that Remi got sick in Africa and is back at home recovering. After reconciling with Zoila, she tries to get some motherly advice from her; however, Zoila has a new attitude about meddling in her daughter's business and tells her she has to figure this out on her own. She eventually decides to stick with Ethan, the sensitive, well-mannered, romantic pool boy, even though she still loves Remi.

Over at the Miller household, Kenneth has taken a liking to Rosie's son, Miguel. This upsets his daughter, Lucinda, for reasons unbeknownst to Rosie, and Lucinda begins to express hostility toward Miguel, going so far as to spank him in an attempt to discipline him. Things become tense between Rosie and Lucinda (never spank another woman's child, especially a Latin woman) until Lucinda finally reveals that her anger stems more from an old issue with her father. Lucinda shares with Rosie that she got pregnant when she was fifteen, and Kenneth forced her to give the child up for adoption -- a girl. If it winds up that Ambrosia/Didi is her long-lost daughter, I'm going to need a defibrillator to help bring me back to life!

Evelyn and Tony have officially consummated their affair now that Adrian is out of the house on his "vacation." Evelyn is completely enamored with Tony and impressed by his masculinity. Tony misinterprets this as a green light to take charge in the relationship and attempts to move out of the pool house and into the third floor of the Powell mansion. Big mistake. Phonetically, Powell sounds like power, and Evelyn is not ready to relinquish hers. She takes him out to dinner (in Burbank, gasp) and sticks him with the $900 bill. After all, a real man never expects a woman to pay. Not surprising, Tony doesn't have the cash to cover the check. And if he did, I would immediately stop writing these recaps and go get a job as a live-in security guard in Beverly Hills.

Evelyn pays the bill and drives the message home to Tony that she still wears the pants in the relationship. This makes sense because Tony doesn't wear shirts very often, so it's only fitting that he would lose the pants eventually. He also moves back into the pool house.

Marisol discovers two things during the course of the episode: her book editor has a slight crush on her, and Nicholas has a jealous streak inside of him. Nicholas is quick to suspect that Marisol's editor wants more than just her finished manuscript, and once he has the proof, he shows a slightly maniacal, possessive side of himself to Marisol. Nicholas reveals that his jealousy is fueled by the memory of his ex-wife, Dahlia, having an affair, but I'm sure there's more to the story. Whatever it is, Marisol will put her extraordinary investigative skills to use and figure it out.

Spence's teenage nephew, Ty, has come to live with him for a while, which worries Carmen when she learns that he attempted to commit suicide. Does this sound familiar? Ty is the guy who tried to kill himself via an overdose on Alejandro's lawn a few episodes ago. He is part of the group of bandits who have not only been pulling the robberies, but are also responsible for Alejandro's death. Carmen doesn't know about his association with the group or the crime, and at first, Ty doesn't know who Carmen is. He figures it out by the end of the episode, though, which is right around the time he gets an unexpected visit from Ethan... pool boy Ethan... Valentina's Ethan.

Sadly, we learn that nice guy Ethan is part of the robbery ring, too. This will surely spell trouble for Valentina down the road. Fortunately for her, Remi makes a full recovery and is ready to do whatever he has to do to win Valentina back -- with Genevieve's help, of course.

Even though we are heading into a holiday weekend, there will be a new episode of Devious Maids this Sunday. So tune into Lifetime at 10:00 p.m. to get your dose of deliciously devious behavior.