Devious Maids Recap: "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs" (S2, E2)

Devious Maids continued to deliver more secrets this past Sunday as it introduced a new family and served up a couple of shocking plot twists.

The episode begins with Peri visiting her doctor. She is still trying to fast track her pregnancy, and since she already told Spence she is expecting, she is working with a limited amount of time to make this happen. Her doctor suggests fertility drugs, to which she happily agrees. Unfortunately, after she is shot up with hormones and runs home feeling fertile, Spence greets her with the revelation that he had an affair with Rosie and wants a divorce so he can be with her.

Speaking of Rosie, her immigration attorney, Reggie has set her up with a job in his uncle's household. She is now the live-in maid for the Millers. The family consists of patriarch, Kenneth, his daughter, Lucinda, and his wife, Didi. Kenneth suffered a stroke a few years back and is confined to a wheelchair, unable to speak. Lucinda is the doting daughter who put her life on hold to care for her father, and Didi is Kenneth's much younger wife who he met and took home after a wild night out on the town.

In Didi's eyes, Lucinda is a spinster who is unable to get a man, and Lucinda still thinks of Didi as Ambrosia -- the Hollywood stripper with a rap sheet turned Beverly Hills gold digger. Lucinda and Didi have no qualms about letting Rosie know how much animosity exists between the two of them. Each one considers herself to be the head of the house and tries to strong-arm Rosie in attempts to get her to take sides. (Lucinda during a conversation while she is making a cake for her father's birthday dinner, and Didi after coming home from a night of clubbing in some of her finest Ambrosia attire.)

In the end, it's Kenneth who still calls the shots, though. After Rosie dresses him up in a suit for his birthday dinner, Kenneth somehow musters up the strength to bang his fist on the table while Lucinda and Didi are squabbling. This puts an end to the argument and also gives Rosie the opportunity to declare that she works for Kenneth. Reggie is impressed and smiles at her upon hearing that declaration. Hmmm... could there be a love connection somewhere down the line between Rosie and her attorney?

Meanwhile, back at the Westmore house, Peri, in a moment of Hollywood humility, has come to the realization that she is America's sweetheart, not to mention a bona fide movie star. Husbands don't leave stars for the help, so even though they are proceeding with a divorce, she forbids Spence from ever seeing Rosie again. To ensure that he does her bidding, she blackmails him by threatening to move away to Europe with their son. She also comes clean about the pregnancy she was faking. Spence reluctantly agrees, and tells Rosie it's over and to stay away from him. You have to give it to Peri. She doesn't go down without a fight.

Marisol continues her quest of becoming the lady of the Deering house by trying to clear out one of Dahlia's closets for her own use. This sets off Opal and triggers another power struggle between the two of them. Once Nicholas learns that Opal has again overstepped her boundaries, he tells Marisol to remove everything from the closet. Opal becomes very upset upon learning that a Goodwill truck has carted off Dahlia's possessions and explodes at Marisol in the most maniacal fashion.

Thanks to a later conversation with Rosie and Zoila, Marisol realizes how territorial maids can be when it comes to the family and house they work for, and she apologies to Opal. She shares that she went undercover as a maid for six months to help get her son out of jail (season one storyline if you're new to Devious Maids) and is writing a book about the experience, and Opal opens up about the friendship she had with Dahlia. They both agree to start over. It looks like it will be smooth sailing from here on out until Marisol finds an old letter in that closet from Dahlia's mother that states "get Opal out of that house." Poor Marisol, always stumbling upon these cryptic notes that lead to more questions. However, now that Dahlia's belongings have been hauled off, how will she get the answers?

Did anyone take down the license plate number to that Goodwill truck?

Evelyn Powell is still feeling the void in her life that was left by the theft of her rare, blood ruby necklace. Fortunately, she comes across the homeless woman who the robbers gifted the necklace to while out shopping. They have a scuffle, but Evelyn is no match for this homeless woman's self-defense skills. As anxious as Evelyn is to get that necklace back, the new owner is just as eager to keep it. A gal's got to have something classy to wear while she's out panhandling.

This leads Evelyn to drag Adrian and Tony down to skid row at night and pass out sketches of the lady because, as we all know, homeless people are extremely cooperative when it comes to ID'ing someone off a flyer. A vagabond begins to harass Evelyn, yet Adrian refuses to come to the aid of his wife, opting instead to cower inside the car while Tony becomes her knight in shining armor. Put a point on the scoreboard for Tony, the hot security guard.

Tony then goes one step further and tracks down the homeless woman on his own. How much force he uses and what becomes of the woman is a mystery, but nonetheless, he returns the blood ruby necklace to its rightful owner and makes Evelyn very happy in the process. Put another point up for Tony.

Zoila finds out that Valentina is working for the Powells. She tries to force Valentina to quit; however, Miss Independent is determined to make the situation work despite all of her mother's warnings about how dangerous Adrian and Evelyn are. In an effort to get Valentina fired, she steals one of the Powells' chachkies hoping that they will automatically blame Valentina once they discover it's missing. It's a foolproof plan that only a meddling mother could carry out. Too bad Ethan, who is also the pool boy for the Powells, saw Zoila commit the crime and tells Valentina.

Valentina's father, Pablo, gets involved in the situation and has a talk with Zoila about being too controlling. He also reveals he has been unhappy in their marriage for quite some time. By the end of the episode, Pablo shocks Zoila by telling her they need to take a break for a few months, and he moves out.

Carmen also receives a shock when Alejandro reconnects with an old flame named Dario prompting him to rethink his arrangement with Carmen. She realizes that if they don't get married, the contract between them becomes null and void and she will not get the recording career she was promised.

Desperate to avoid the reality of the situation, Carmen decides to go full steam ahead with their engagement party and jumps through hoops to turn it into a surprise wedding. She does this by inviting a priest to the party, getting Alejandro drunk, having the bartender suggest to the crowd that they get married, and wearing a cocktail party dress that tears away to reveal a white dress underneath. This is probably how most weddings in Hollywood take place, anyway.

Alejandro may be drunk, but he's not hammered enough to let Carmen trick him into an impromptu wedding. After she shares her fears over the contract, Alejandro assures Carmen that even if they don't go through with their sham marriage he will make sure she becomes a star.

That should have put a happy ending on the evening, but the festivities become disrupted by a group of party crashers. The thieves who pulled off the robbery at the Powells are back for another Robin Hood moment. This time, though, the heist becomes botched when one of them accidentally shoots Alejandro. The masked men immediately flee the scene, and Alejandro is left on the floor, unresponsive and bleeding profusely.

Whether or not he survives is the cliffhanger that will be answered next week.

Devious Maids airs Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. on Lifetime.