DeVon Franklin: 'I Gave Up Sex As A Man In Hollywood' (VIDEO)

Fallon, age 28, needs to have a serious conversation with her boyfriend. The couple have been sexually active during their six-month romance -- but she wants to start practicing abstinence now.

"How do I bring that up to him?" Fallon asks in the above video. "Because I want to please my man, but ultimately I want to please God. So how do I do both?"

Looking for advice, she turns to DeVon Franklin on OWN's new series "Help Desk." Franklin, a Hollywood film executive, preacher and Produced By Faith author, says he understands exactly what Fallon is going through. While dating actress Megan Good, Franklin made the decision to abstain from sex until the couple married in 2012.

"I'm a living, breathing example," Franklin says. "I gave up sex as a man in Hollywood, and people thought I was crazy."

"It really laid the foundation of discipline," he continues. "And that discipline, privately, has manifested professionally and publicly in a lot of blessings I've had -- including my wife."

He gives Fallon some advice on how to approach the abstinence talk with her partner. "So the way that you bring up the conversation is with calm, with poise, and with authority, knowing that God has given you the words," Franklin says. "You have the conversation, and you explain it in the context of what you want out of your life and why you don't believe this behavior is conducive with where you are and where you want to be."

"Because I so want to be married," Fallon tells him. "I'm ready for the next step, and I feel like in my past relationships I've never tried this before and it's been on my heart."

If it's meant to be, Franklin says her boyfriend will not only honor her decision to be abstinent, but be her partner in it. "It's a blessing," Franklin says. "The right man who God has given your heart will know that, and he will honor it."

"Help Desk" airs Sundays at noon ET on OWN.