DeVon Franklin Shares Marriage Advice: Anything You Don't Water Will Die (VIDEO)

Wife and mother Kasiopia is a self-described superwoman. From raising her 3-year-old to managing her career, she keeps a tight schedule. Though she does it all, Kasiopia admits that her life might not be as picture-perfect as it seems.

"The truth of it is, I think my marriage is failing a bit," she says in the above "Help Desk" video.

She sits down with DeVon Franklin, a Sony Pictures exec, preacher and Produced by Faith author who can relate to her busy schedule. "I’m so busy, I’m so on the go, I’m leaving one meeting to the next meeting. I’m handling business at my daughter’s school, I am grading papers, I’m mentoring," Kasiopia says. "[My husband] feels like 'Where are you?' at times."

Franklin has some tough love for Kasiopia. "Anything you don't water, anything you don't take care of in your life, is going to die," he says.

It's not the answer Kasiopia wants to hear, but Franklin says it's important to face the harsh reality in order to prevent her marriage from falling apart. "I cannot autopilot marriage," Franklin says. "So understand that you love this man. He loves you. That is fertile ground that you have to work every day. You have to water it. You have to make sure it's getting enough light."

Kasiopia is very driven at work and in helping others -- but Franklin is concerned about the lack of balance. "Ambition cannot be at the expense of home," he tells her, and makes a point that hits home. "You have to reprogram your mind," he says. "Because busy does not mean better."

"Get your health back, get your home back, get your marriage back -- that's what a real superwoman does," Franklin says. "That's what it's about."

After getting some tough love, Kasiopia leaves with a plan in mind. "When I leave here, I think I'm going to invite my husband to go to dinner and fit that into my schedule -- and turn off my cell phone, and just really spend some time with him," she says.

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