DeVonta Smith Gets Mic'd Up And Complains Incessantly About The Rain

The Philadelphia Eagles receiver had a deluge of hilarious gripes about the foul weather during a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

DeVonta Smith did not win his Heisman Trophy for weather tolerance, apparently. (Watch the video below.)

The second-year Philadelphia Eagles receiver got mic’d up during a home game Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. And it went viral for his colorful griping about the rain, cold temperature and wind.

In an NFL Films clip that shows him dropping a few warmup passes and placing a towel futilely over his head to ward off the downpour, Smith tells someone on the sideline: “I’m cold as hell. My hands froze.” He had more to say, pretty much confirming that it isn’t always sunny in Philadelphia.

Perhaps the Eagles’ 29-21 victory helped Smith, who caught 3 passes for 17 yards, keep his sense of humor afterward.

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