DeVos Confirms She Will Roll Back Obama-Era Title IX Guidelines

The Secretary of Education spoke with CBS News Thursday night.

In an interview with CBS News on Thursday evening Betsy DeVos confirmed that she will be rolling back current Title IX guidelines.

The interview followed DeVos’ speech at George Mason University’s Law school earlier on Thursday where she called the Title IX reporting process a “failed system” and implied she would be rescinding the Obama-era Dear Colleague Letter.

Although the Secretary of Education did not announce any major policy changes in her speech, she did confirm to CBS News’ Jan Crawford that it is her “intention” to rescind the college campus sexual assault directives put in place during the Obama administration.

When Crawford asked DeVos when exactly she’ll be rescinding these Title IX guidelines, she replied: “Sometime in the near future and in the interim period during the rule-making process we will come alongside institutions to ensure that they are meeting their obligations under Title IX.”

DeVos said that it is her intention to “withdraw that letter” (referring to the Dear Colleague Letter), adding that “the facts remain that schools need to take their Title IX obligation seriously.”

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