Missing Dog Buried In Rubble Of Illinois Tornado Found Alive More Than A Week Later (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Dog Found Alive In Rubble More Than A Week After Tornado

A 6-month-old pit bull buried under tornado rubble for more than a week has been rescued and reunited with his owner.

Jacob Montgomery's third-floor apartment in Washington, Ill. was destroyed after deadly tornadoes swept through central Illinois on Nov. 17. When the Georgetown Commons apartment complex was leveled, Montgomery's beloved pup, Dexter, was inside.

Montgomery, an MP in the Illinois National Guard, posted photos of Dexter in an online ad with the hope of finding his dog again, according to CBS Chicago.

Local officials have blocked residents of the apartment complex from returning since Nov. 21. Five days later, however, Georgetown employee Randy Ford found the missing puppy inside the rubble of one of the buildings, WEEK News 25 out of central Illinois reports.

Dexter was reportedly malnourished with ribs showing, but was otherwise unharmed save a few cuts. After Montgomery and Dexter were reunited, the group Lost Dogs Illinois updated followers on the condition of the pup, who is expected to make a full recovery:

Some pet owners in the central Illinois towns rocked by the deadly tornadoes have been fortunate, like Montgomery, to be reunited with their four-legged family members. After the tornadoes destroyed his home, Illinois resident Jonathan Byler was reunited with his dog he feared was lost.

The "Illinois Tornado Animals Lost & Found" Facebook group is continuing to help survivors locate their missing pets.

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