Dexter Manley Apologizes For Offensive Joke About Black Quarterbacks

The ex-NFL player said that they like running “because they’re probably used to running from the law."

Almost as soon as he uttered an explicitly racist remark on live television this weekend, former NFL defensive end Dexter Manley apologized for the insensitive comment, backtracking on his theory that “black quarterbacks” like running the football “because they’re probably used to running from the law.”

“I made a comment about this black quarterback stuff,” Manley stated. “I do apologize and, you know, I say some things I don't think about sometimes.”  

Manley has been associated with controversial actions and statements for years. In his broadcasting career, he’s spewed both homophobic and sexist remarks, while his tenure in the NFL was marked by repetitive drug use

His "joke" on Saturday was especially notable in the midst of a season in which one black quarterback in particular -- Carolina Panther Cam Newton -- has seen his MVP-worthy year blemished by continual discriminatory criticisms, while white signal callers have been able to get away with far more controversial acts with far less criticism.

Manley’s comment has since been denounced by many of his fellow media members. Let’s hope that we all do better in the future.


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