'Dexter' Auctions Off Props For Charity

If you're still grieving over the end of "Dexter," dry your eyes! You can now own a piece of your favorite serial killer series by bidding in the "Dexter" Props Auction. Even better news? Proceeds go to charity.

Dexter Corner (a "Dexter" fan-site) and Hollywood Props are partnering for the auction. Fans can bid on anything from special "Dexter" knives to throw pillows and framed pictures from the set, to pretty much anything else you've come to fancy over the series' eight season run.

The "Dexter" auction is reminiscent of the "Breaking Bad" auction that took place in October after that series ended. The "Bad" auction brought in almost a $1 million.

A portion of the proceeds from the auction will go toward The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. So, when bidding on murderous paraphernalia, you can take comfort knowing you are also helping out a good cause.

The "Dexter" Props Auction goes through Nov. 24 for more information click here.



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