Dexter Tornado: Boys Play Disc Golf In Front Of Tornado (VIDEO)

Boys Play Disc Golf In Front Of Tornado

We're pretty sure most people, when faced with a giant tornado so close to them, would run and take shelter. But that wasn't the case for these three teens, who instead opted to get in a few more minutes of disc golf.

In the video's info section, the boys defend their choice to ignore the impending tornado, saying they simply didn't know what else to do.

"Everyone here was stranded with no shelter to seek and no where to go," YouTube user nic9009 wrote. "It was a horrific situation and people here just dealt the best they could with out freaking out"

The devastating tornado hit Dexter, Mich., yesterday evening, leaving more than 100 homes and properties destroyed or damaged. Despite the destruction, Fire Chief Loren Yates told the Associated Press that no one was injured.

"We're confident that we're not missing anybody," Yates told the AP today.

Although she's thankful no one was hurt, journalist and Dexter resident Sharon Carty told Dexter Patch that they have a lot of rebuilding to do, and that seeing the town the way it is now is jarring.

"Walking around, seeing windows shattered in your friend's homes, peering into people's closets from the street, watching people walk up their living room stairs as if they were on some bizarre open-air movie set, was surreal," Carty told Dexter Patch.

To see Carty's photos of the tornado's aftermath, check out the slideshow over at Dexter Patch.


Notice: The behavior portrayed in this video is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone. For more information on tornado safety, visit the National Weather Service, FEMA or the American Red Cross.

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