Dez Bryant Breaks Foot, Still Loses Mind Celebrating Comeback Win

Winning cures all.

All-Pro wide receiver Dez Bryant will miss the next four to six weeks of the NFL season after suffering a broken right foot during the Dallas Cowboys' season opener on Sunday night.

But after taking in a last-second comeback 27-26 win over the New York Giants from the locker room, he was jacked up enough on adrenaline to seemingly forget about his freshly broken foot.

Bryant was captured by NBC 5 Dallas-Forth Worth's Pat Doney screaming, "That's what I'm f**king talking about!" at teammates like a wounded leader while hobbling on by them.

Although a Cowboys security guard eventually subdued Bryant -- or at least got him to carefully walk back to the locker room -- he looks active enough to be healthy and ready to roar for the Cowboys' game against the Philadelphia Eagles next week. He almost went super saiyan here:

Bryant's forever-lit competitive fire, once viewed and criticized as a disrespectful attitude coming from a hotshot wideout who should act like a subordinate around veterans Tony Romo and Jason Witten, is now his greatest asset. Romo and Witten are just two longtime Cowboys who've never won anything. Bryant is a fuse for teammates to gain their spark from, and one that the Cowboys will miss over the next month or so.

Now in his sixth NFL season, Bryant's blowups, meltdowns and training camp scuffles still draw headlines, but with 56 career touchdowns and his status as the NFL's alpha dog pass-catcher, his antics are brushed off by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as "that's Dez." In July, the Cowboys inked Bryant to a five-year, $70 million contract extension.

"We know that when he lights up, it’s like a sparkler lighting up on the other end of the deal. It just sparkles," Jones told radio station 105.3 The Fan in August after Bryant was involved in a training camp fistfight.

"If it’s anything, it not only creates some excitement, it creates tension. You think he’s absolutely a candle burning at both ends. He’s just going to blow up," Jones continued. 

 It'll be a slow burn for Bryant over the next four to six weeks. 



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