D*Face 'Going Nowhere Fast' In Los Angeles

"Going Nowhere Fast" went somewhere with the pedal to the metal - mainly private collections. The almost sold out show at the Corey Helford Gallery in the Culver City section of LA flew out the door like a '57 Chevrolet with tail fins last week so RISK, CRASH, and FREEDOM could take over the joint.

The gorgeously mounted show by English street artist D*Face is fuel injected with Pop vernacular while kidnapping some Pop masters of the last half century with prankish lo- to mid-brow witticism. Driving with almost surgical precision and fastidious attention to detail D*Face slickly amuses with Lichtenstein cells and flying knives, customized Warhol warping, and a mounted Hot Rod skull butterfly collection. For his fans these now familiar cruelly clever customizations by D*Face are amalgams of advertising-soaked memories and associations - a happy blast to an inexact past, graphic images afloat in the timeless area of a citizen/consumer mind.

Street Artist D*Face Going Nowhere Fast In Los Angeles

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