Diablo Cody: 'As A Woman You're Still Expected To Constantly Prove Yourself'

When "Juno" and "Paradise" writer Diablo Cody tried her hand at directing, she was surprised by how much being a woman made a difference in how her work was perceived.

In an Oct. 17 interview with IndieWire, Cody explained:

As a woman you’re still expected to constantly prove yourself, whereas men are allowed to have flops without people blaming it on their gender. If a man has a flop, people will blame it on a variety of factors. But if a woman directs a movie and it doesn’t do well, suddenly it’s because she’s a woman. That’s aggravating to me.

Cody discussed similar issues in an Oct. 19 interview with the website Film School Rejects, saying: "I feel like so much of the reaction to my work and to me is connected to the fact that I’m a woman, so I can’t avoid that conversation."

If you ask us, it seems like a conversation worth having.



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