Dial Up The Frequency Of Love -- It's All Good


(Photo credit: Angel Brandner)

"The world has gone crazy!"

"People have lost their minds!"

"It's not a safe place!"

"The world is going to hell in a hand basket!"


How about instead of getting sucked up into that vortex, we dial up the frequency of Love?

Yes, there is a lot of upheaval, chaos, if you will. And instead of trying to control it and being afraid of it, we can look at it for what it is:

The perfect unfolding in which many blessings lie. The new paradigm emerging as the old ones crumble.

It's all good.

Fear, scarcity and lack are not sustainable anymore. That's why it's showing up more than ever. It's fighting for it's last breath. It's always been there - all the horrors that are happening around the world - we just know where it lives now.

It's in our face.


Because we are waking up!

I learned that in space when light expands and hits darkness, there is initial friction when they meet before light expands some more.

So, shine on and embrace the friction, knowing that on a grander scale, everything is playing out as it should for one simple reason...

To restore balance and harmony.

Does that rub you the wrong way?

Ah, there's the friction.

Do you want to defend the limitations of being right? After all, there's so many stories to support why the world has gone mad. Just turn on the news, read the paper, or log in to the social networks.

Instead, dare to Love even when it seems impossible or even when it feels wrong - after all, shouldn't we be raging when yet another act of violence has been reported across the globe? Doesn't that show we care? So, how can we love when atrocities are happening around the world?

How can we not?

I do know from experience that Love is the most powerful frequency on the planet and it's always there because it's all there is. We are conduits for that frequency. We can at any moment choose to allow Love to flow through us.

Talk about true power.

Ask yourself how it feels and what it looks like to dial up the frequency of Love when, in that moment, you want to react and post away on social media the expression of your rage.

Pause and pay attention to what comes up for you.

I definitely have my reactions to what's happening in the world and I have my feelings about it. When I'm triggered, I step away and deal with my emotions first. I allow them to show me what it is I'm really upset about.

I check in with myself before I post anything. Am I coming from a place of Love? If not, I do not post.

These are extraordinary times to be living on the planet. Extraordinary times to be choosing Love.

So no matter what's happening around you, I dare you to dial up the frequency of Love.

And then pay attention to what happens.

Because, as a friend of mine always says, "It's all good."

And it is.