So THAT'S Why There's A Little Diamond Patch On Some Backpacks

How useful!
02/27/2017 07:47pm ET

Ever wonder why there’s a little diamond patch sewn onto some backpacks?

Turns out, that patch is commonly called a “lash tab” or “pig snout,” according to Marie Claire. Historically, outdoorsmen would attach ice axes to the tab with a rope for easy access. Modern explorers might thread earbuds, shoe laces or a wet umbrella cord through the tab, all while looking seamlessly stylish:

Lash tabs are historically made from leather, which is less likely to freeze than cloth.
They're pretty cute, too. 

Marie Claire highlighted the purpose of lash tabs last month, and the Internet has been spreading the good news ever since.

As old-school trends continue to make a comeback, we’ve seen brands like Herschel Supply Co. and JanSport affix lash tabs to their bags. But these days, they’re more decorative than functional, Herschel co-founder Jamie Cormack told the “Today” show.

The lash tabs on Herschel’s packs are “a nod to the past, to pay homage to those old alpine bags that had these,” Cormack said.

Missing a lash tab? You can buy your own and sew it on, Reader’s Digest points out.

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