Diamond-Shaped UFO Captured On Nebraska Live TV Towercam (VIDEO)

WATCH: Diamond-Shaped UFO

A diamond-shaped hovering UFO appeared over Lincoln, Neb., on Sept. 4 and was videotaped by the towercam of ABC's KLKN television affiliate.

The twinkling, color-changing object remained in the sky for 45 minutes and was reported live on the air by KLKN's morning meteorologist Sean McMullen until it finally disappeared at sunrise.

"I have never seen anything like this before. I even say that several times while I'm on the air describing the object, because I want to let people know even I don't know what this is," McMullen said in a story posted by KLKN reporter Jenn Schanz.

"We'd been watching this for quite some time -- it has this acorn shape to it, black striations in the middle. At times, it seemed to have tethers hanging from it, but I really think that's just an artifact -- I think it's light being refracted through the dome that covers our lens. I think that's really just a star, but I haven't really seen that before," McMullen said during the following news broadcast:

KLKN has offered updates about the UFO -- also described as diamond-shaped -- while the news team continues its investigation.

As reported by Open Minds.tv, Rich Webb, a local member of the Mutual UFO Network, told KLKN that a triangular-shaped UFO was reported earlier the same morning, 200 miles away in Lee's Summit, Mo.

According to Schanz, the FAA had no accounts of unusual activity in the air on Sept. 4.

In her on-air report, seen below, Schanz said she had spoken with physics professor Timothy Gay of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln physics department. "He says he can guarantee that extraterrestrials do not exist, and suspects our towercam footage was a government aircraft of some sort or a reflection of our lens."

As for McMullen, he's anxious to share any further information that comes his way about that strange object caught on the towercam. On his Facebook page during the week, McMullen reached out to the public.

"As of right now, we have no idea where this is going, but our goal is to do everything possible to identify whatever was recorded in the skies above Lincoln on the morning of Sept. 4th," he wrote.

"If I'm going to have a UFO experience on-air, then I'm gonna take you with me."

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