Diamonds and Tech Are a Girl's Best Friend

If diamonds are a girl's best friend then Smart Jewelry is mine! In this week's episode of Hardwired I tested out some high tech smart jewelry that is both chic and functional.

I started off by visiting Martin Katz at his Beverly Hills jewelry boutique to try on some extravagant, head-turning jewelry, including a $2.9 million, 40-karat diamond ring! That was really fun but also terrifying, I was so nervous that I was going to lose something!

After the boutique I got to check out what's trending in jewelry tech. First, I tried out the Sesame Ring, which is a great solution if you always lose your bus or train card at the bottom of your bag. It's a ring that has a built in smart card so you can just wave your hand over the sensor. They are made using 3D printing so they can be customized with different designs. I was also wearing the Shine fitness monitor. The Shine tracks a lot of the same things as some of the monitors I tried out in Performance Tech: heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, etc. What's unique about Shine is that it can be worn as a super sleek and elegant necklace or bracelet!

Next, I tested out some gadgets that are great if you're planning on spending some time outside this summer! The June UV Monitor is a metallic gem that can be worn as a bracelet or a brooch and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Throughout the day it monitors your UV exposure and can alert you if you're getting too much sun. Another awesome device I discovered is the Diffus Solar Handbag. It is a purse that charges your devices, which is perfect for me because I'm always on the go and I'm always connected. It's powered by solar panels on the outside, which means it's both convenient and green!

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Hardwired with iJustine - Smart Jewelry