Artist Diana Oh Is Wearing Lingerie In Public To Reclaim Women's Sexuality

One performance artist is fighting back against the degradation of women's bodies -- one piece of lingerie at a time.

Actress and artist Diana Oh created a collection of 10 performance art pieces called My Lingerie Play which include her (and other women) standing in lingerie on their "soap boxes" to reclaim women's sexuality. "The problem isn't sexualization, the problem is the degradation that comes along with women expressing it," she says in the video.

In her performance pieces, Oh stands on top of a box in crowded areas in New York City such as Union Square and Time Square, and holds up different brown bags that describe the discrimination and violations women experience because our bodies are often seen as public property. Her examples include everything from catcalling to human trafficking.

"I'm choosing to create My Lingerie Play because people are threatened by the word 'lingerie' in a way that they aren't by the word 'underwear,'" Oh says in the video. "We must drop the slut shaming and dehumanizing, it feeds into unacceptable violence against women all over the world."

“The solution is not to tell women to cover up," Oh says. "The solution is not to tell women to keep chaste. The solution is not to tell women to stop being sexual beings.. The solution is to change the way we are talked about."

Check out Oh's first of 10 installations for My Lingerie Play below.

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