Diana Ross Wore White To A Wedding And It Was Totally Stunning

Rules do not apply.

Stop! In the name of impeccable wedding style.

Wearing white to a wedding is typically frowned upon. But we should have figured such rules don’t apply to the one and only Diana Ross. Or that this wedding ― a Saturday affair celebrating her son Ross Naess and wife Kimberly Ryan ― would be anything but typical.

The rustic, outdoorsy affair, which looked plucked from our wildest dreams, involved a hefty number of flower crowns, a larger than life top hat and the bride in a beautifully patterned bohemian-style gown.

It also included Ross, her daughter Tracee Ellis Ross and what appears to be the entire bridal party wearing all white, too. Anyone else having flashbacks to Solange Knowles’ chic all-white wedding photos?

While many fashion and wedding magazines say the rule about not wearing white is still valid today, obviously all bets are off if it’s a look requested by the couple. And we have to admit, it can look pretty gorgeous in photos.

Check out more photos from the breathtaking nuptials below. We wish the couple nothing but “Endless Love.”

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