Diana Taurasi Becomes WNBA's All-Time Leading Scorer

Congrats to this wonder woman.

Diana Taurasi became the leading scorer in WNBA history on Sunday.

Her Phoenix Mercury team fell to the host Los Angeles Sparks 90–59, but the blowout defeat became a mere side note to the history made by the former UConn star.

Taurasi scored on a layup with 45 seconds left in the first half to surpass Tina Thompson’s record of 7,488 points, ESPN reported.

Officials stopped the game and the crowd, including Taurasi’s parents and former Lakers star Kobe Bryant, applauded her feat, The Associated Press noted.

It’s pretty special I got to do it in front of my family on Father’s Day in LA,” she said, per ESPN.

Taurasi notched 19 points for the game to push her new mark to 7,494 ... and counting. She has required less than 13 full seasons to amass her total, the sports network noted; Thompson tallied 7,488 over 17 seasons.

It’s been a big spring for the three-time Olympic gold medalist and two-time WNBA champion. In May she married former Mercury teammate Penny Taylor, who is now the club’s director of player development.

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