Diane Harvey Pleads Guilty To Slapping Police Officer's Horse While Drunk

Drunken Horse Slapper Pleads Guilty

No one likes to beat a dead horse, but slapping a live one? That's a quick ticket to jail.

Diane Harvey was sentenced to four days in jail after slapping a mounted police officer's horse earlier this month. According to the Houston Chronicle, it all started after the officer rode up and asked the woman to empty out a large cup of beer.

Harvey, who was apparently intoxicated, refused and began walking away. The officer then blocked her way with his horse, and the irate Harvey slapped the animal.

Houston police spokeswoman Jodi Silva told the Chronicle that police horses are trained not to react in such situations, and that the animal merely turned its head away from the blow. Harvey was arrested. She pleaded guilty to interfering with a police animal Aug, 9.

Harvey isn't the only suspect who has to brush up on her equine etiquette. In 2005, a New York tourist in Florida was arrested for smacking the hind quarters of two police horses, Mr. Bill and Red.

In 2012, a shirtless reveler at the Savannah, Ga., St. Patrick's Day Parade slapped a police horse and then tried to outrun three of them. Needless to say, his escape didn't work out like he'd hoped.

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