Diane Keaton's Menswear Style: Still Going Strong After All These Years (PHOTOS)

There's no denying that Diane Keaton single-handedly brought the menswear trend in vogue. Ever since her iconic performance in wide-leg trousers, neckties and bowler hats in "Annie Hall," the charming comedic actress' name has stood for borrowed-from-the-boys style.

And that shows no signs of stopping anytime soon -- the 67-year-old's signature look is still going strong, even on a 95-degree day in New York City. On Friday, Diane was spotted shopping in a boxy, belted jacket, grandpa-esque tartan pants and a typical topper. On her feet? Oxfords, of course.

We love that Diane has pioneered a style and stayed faithful to it, despite changing trends and temperatures. Could you stick to the same look for 40 years straight?


diane keaton

diane keaton

diane keaton

Diane's style is timeless:

Diane Keaton's Style Evolution

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