Diane And Kerry Carmichael Win Lottery For Second Time

For some couples, even lottery wins have to come in His and Hers.

The Carmichaels of Tempe, Arizona, have won the lottery for the second time in under two decades, MyFoxArizona reports. This time it was Diana, rather than her husband Kerry, who bought the $1 million winning Powerball ticket announced last Wednesday. After taxes, the $650,000 winnings will add to a $125,000 annuity they've been receiving since their first lottery win back in 1995. But Diana says they're not done yet.

“Good things come in threes," she told "Two down, one to go.”

But the Carmichaels aren't alone in celebrating their second lottery win recently. A South Carolina man doubled down on his second jackpot in four months earlier this year. A few days later, another lucky twosome won the lottery twice in one day.

None of the above can compare to the winning streak of Richard Lustig, however, who's won the lottery a total of seven times.

(Hat tip: Gawker)



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