Actress Diane Kruger On Why We Need To #AskHerMore

Diane Kruger would love to be asked more about her work than her outfit on the red carpet.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle UK on Feb. 25, Diane Kruger discussed why women should be asked about more than just their dresses and makeup when walking the red carpet. When Yahoo Lifestyle UK reporter Poppy Jamie asked Kruger if she ever gets bored with the standard questions women are often asked that revolve around their clothing, Kruger's response was simple and to the point: "Yes."

"I’m interested in fashion and makeup and all of those things, but I actually am also really interested about other stuff in life," Kruger told Jamie. "I’m an actress -- I have a job, I have a life. There are so many other things that I think, you know, you would ask a man that you wouldn’t ask a woman.”

Jamie's question was prompted by the #AskHerMore hashtag which was created by The Representation Project in February 2014. The campaign encourages reporters to cover more than just fashion on the red carpet.

Let's not forget, the women walking the red carpet are usually there because of their hard work as actresses, musicians, screenwriters or directors. Work questions first, style questions second.



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