Diane Sawyer Apologizes To Viewers For Misrepresenting Palestinian Victims As Israelis

WATCH: Diane Sawyer Apologizes To Viewers For Major Israel-Palestine Error

Diane Sawyer apologized to her viewers on Thursday for an error she made about the current violence in Palestine and Israel on her Tuesday show.

When introducing a segment about the conflict, Sawyer had misidentified the people in two photos, saying they were Israelis dealing with the aftermath of a Hamas strike. In fact, they were Palestinians reeling from the aftermath of an Israeli strike.

The error was widely criticized, and held up by some as evidence of a false balance in much of the coverage of the violence in the region, which has left over 80 Palestinians dead but has yet to cause any Israeli casualties.

"We made a mistake," Sawyer told viewers. "I misidentified these powerful images...we are truly sorry for the error."

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