Diane Sawyer Tells Rachael Ray: ABC Reporters Fuel On Cholesterol For Inauguration

Diane Sawyer says ABC reporters will fuel themselves for the inauguration with cholesterol and junk food, but that George Stephanopoulos is a healthy eater.

In an episode of the "Rachel Ray" show, set to air today, Sawyer explained the ABC inauguration diet:

RR: So are you looking forward to the food too? Snack your way through the reporting?

DS: Yes, but our food of course consists basically of who can you know fight over the Cheetos first. Charlie Gibson, I win. I'll win, and I can out race him to that bag. That's what we have sitting behind us.

RR: You have better arm reach?

DS: That's right! Sitting behind us is just the worst array of junk food you've ever seen. And for one day we are fueled entirely, entirely by cholesterol. We let it go. George is, just wanna say, George Stephanopoulos is far, far more disciplined.

RR: A healthy eater, even on on-set.

DS: Yes. Charlie goes for the donuts, I go for the salt.


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