These Dreamy Beds Will Give You Serious Sleep Envy

“The bed is a place to dream, to reflect, to build an imagined future, to remember."

Bed. The word alone is enough to elicit feelings of pure joy and relaxation.

That's exactly the mood Diane von Furstenberg captures in her 1991 book Beds, which features 150 pages of pure bedroom bliss photographed mainly by photographer Stewart O'Shields.

"The bed’s invitation is irresistible: one can never escape the need to sleep for long," von Furstenberg writes. "Sooner or later, the deep pull of this natural cycle wins out and we succumb. It is as natural as the sun and the moon, the cycle of the seasons, life and death.”

Irresistible for sure. Check out these stunning bed photos from the series, along with more of von Furstenberg's own commentary.

Antoine Meyer, "Beds"
“I remember when I was a child, my mother would say the very same words before going to bed every night: ‘I bless the soul who invented the bed.’ Through her little tradition, I developed a deep appreciation for the nightly ritual of getting into bed.”
Stewart O’Shields, "Beds"
“We climb into bed, enveloped by fresh sheets; the head falls to the pillow and the body stretches out across the mattress. This is the way we abandon ourselves to sleep...letting go of the alert body, sacrificing the logical mind for the fantastical.”
Stewart O’Shields, "Beds"
“Many of the world’s most gifted cabinetmakers, architects, artists, and artisans were commissioned to create truly extraordinary beds; and so they give us an opportunity to view some of the best craftsmanship by some of the finest talents through the centuries.”
Stewart O’Shields, "Beds"
“Sleep and dreaming bring a kind of inspiration to every one of us. Surrounded by a sea of blankets, we wake sometimes still drifting, astonished at the vivid images we have just seen, the far reasons to which our minds have taken us during the night...surprised, that is, by our own imaginations.”
Stewart O’Shields, "Beds"
“On a terrace, where lounging is quite in order, the delightful twist is in the exotice luxury of sleeping in open air.”
Stewart O’Shields, "Beds"
“The bed is a place to dream, to reflect, to build an imagined future, to remember. The more space around it -- the more freedom, air, and openness -- the better.”
Stewart O’Shields, "Beds"
“Looking at beds, which of course have been with us throughout time, we see how life used to be lived and expressed, and how it is lived today. Originally just a gathering of dry leaves covered by an animal skin, beds eventually became an opportunity for pharaohs, emperors, and kings to express power and distinction.”
Stewart O’Shields, "Beds"
“From the early years of life, the bed is a place for fantasy. It is all but impossible for a child to fall asleep without first hearing a bedtime story. As the words unfold, wondrous visions take shape, surrounding this young mind in a soft cushion of the imaginary, protection from the harsh world of the real.”
Stewart O’Shields, "Beds"
“In a dream, we might find the world beyond the edges of our bed transformed into an orchard, or a strange cavern, or the sand beside a roaring ocean. While the destination will rarely be known, the bed is always our vehicle...and it can transport us to many fantastical places.”

Diane von Furstenberg joined the #SleepRevolution as an influencer. These nine photos from "Beds" were first featured on Arianna Huffington's Instagram account with the hashtag #DVFBeds as part of the #SleepRevolution.

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