Diane von Furstenberg Hearts Hillary

"I was born in Europe. We have many women presidents or prime ministers," says von Furstenberg.
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I had a few minutes alone in Diane von Furstenberg's private West 14th Street office while I waited to interview the designer about her personal style for my column What's My Logo? . The walls are a luscious fuchsia, decorated with two large Warhol paintings of the designer, and in the corner, casually sitting on the floor, a Man Ray painting of big red lips. The carpet is leopard print and the chairs are made of zebra hide, all creating a perfectly feline setting for the woman known for her most feminine designs. When DVF arrived, the first words out of her mouth were about Hillary Clinton's victory in the New Hampshire primary. Sure enough, von Furstenberg put her money where her mouth is with a maximum $4,600 contribution to Clinton's campaign in the third quarter (her husband, Barry Diller, has been a little more equal opportunity). I asked her to articulate her thoughts about Senator Clinton:

ACM: Why do you support Hillary?

DVF: I support Hillary because I believe she will do the best job in the White House.

ACM: You must know her. What's she like personally?

DVF: I do know her a little and like her very much. She is intelligent, diligent, micro and macro, and she truly cares.

ACM: As a prominent businesswoman yourself, what do you think are the unique challenges of running for president as a woman?

DVF: I was born in Europe. We have many women presidents or prime ministers.

ACM: What do you think of the attention her emotional statement in New Hampshire has brought?

DVF: I think that it was very important to see that Hillary is human and most important that she truly cares.

ACM: What are your impressions of Obama? Could you see yourself supporting him?

DVF: I like Obama very much -- and I would of course support him if he were the candidate -- but I do think that Hillary is a better candidate at this moment.

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