Diane Von Furstenberg: Kate Middleton Should Wear Alexander McQueen Wedding Dress

DVF On Who Should Make Kate's Wedding Dress (Hint: Not DVF)

Diane Von Furstenberg sat down with the Telegraph, and British newspaper plus esteemed designer equals questions about Kate Middleton's style, of course. DVF remarked that dear Catherine has "always" worn her clothes and that the future princess' wardrobe -- not too edgy -- is spot-on: "She's going to be Queen of England, but she's not from an aristocratic background, so she needs to play the game. Still, I like the fact that she seems to be very independent."

So who should make The Dress, according to Von Furstenberg? Interesting you should ask, so did the Telegraph. She responded:

"I think she should go for Alexander McQueen. But you know what? She reminds me more and more of Diana. Everything about her. I think she's there to avenge Diana's memory -- that's clearly what William wants. Giving Kate his mother's ring was a great gesture, and I think that theirs will be a happy version of his parents' marriage. But he absolutely chose a woman who was like his mother -- that was deliberate."

DVF isn't the only one crying "McQueen for Kate!" Daphne Guinness previously told the Telegraph that choosing a McQueen gown would be "both wonderful news and an inspired choice." And the fashion world was in a veritable frenzy prior to designer Sarah Burton's fall 2011 fashion show for the Alexander McQueen house, after the Sunday Times of London claimed Burton had been tapped for the royal task.

However, Burton squelched the speculation at the time, telling Vogue UK, "I am not doing it," and McQueen CEO Jonathan Akeroyd, who was said to have leaked the news to a colleague, which then ended up in the Times, denied the reports, remarking, "No, not at all. I am the CEO. I would know if we were doing it."

Read the rest of DVF's interview at the Telegraph.

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