Dianne Feinstein Calls Benghazi Committee 'A Hunting Mission For A Lynch Mob'

Senate Intelligence Chair Dianne Feinstein (D) on Sunday called the House's new Benghazi committee "a hunting mission for a lynch mob," and dismissed claims that not enough has been done to investigate the September 2012 attack that killed four Americans in Libya.

Speaking on CNN's "State of the Union," Feinstein said the recently approved House select committee is "ridiculous."

"I think it's a hunting mission for a lynch mob, actually, I think that's what's going on," she said. "There have been four major reports."

Feinstein compared House Republicans' response to the Benghazi attack -- which has largely focused on the question of whether White House advisers watered down talking points about the attack to protect President Barack Obama during his re-election campaign -- to what happened after the 1983 Marines barrack bombing in Beirut. Ronald Reagan, a Republican, was president at the time, and Democrats controlled the House. However, the investigation into that calamity was bipartisan.

Asked by Candy Crowley whether she was confident that the questions about the Benghazi attack and the talking points that followed have been answered, Feinstein said she is.

"I believe they have, and they certainly -- our report was bipartisan -- and they were certainly answered to the satisfaction of the intelligence committee," said Feinstein.



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